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Destructive Test Equipment & Welding Stand
Train and Qualify Welders Quickly and Accurately
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Weld Coupon Abrasive Cutter
U.S. Patent 3892089
  1. Removes guided bend test specimens to exact dimensions in a matter of seconds.
  2. No grinding necessary except to remove weld build up and apply radius to specimen.
  3. Specimens removed in accordance with ASME, AWS, API and other applicable codes.
  4. Cutting fixtures available for pipe from 2" sch. 5 to 10" sch. 160 and plate up to 1.5" thick.
  5. Equipment design allows safe operation by personnel with limited operating instructions.
  6. Cutting operation cannot be initiated until all safety interlocks are engaged.
  7. All operations initiated from a central control panel and may be stopped at any time.
Hydraulic Wrap Around Bender
U.S. Patent 3906784
  1. Performs guided bend testing of weld specimen using the wrap-around method.
  2. Specimens are consistently formed to a uniform 180 degree bend.
  3. Wrap-around method eliminates undue stress on specimen during bending.
  4. Bending arm is powered with hydraulic motor, eliminating blown circuits and motor failure.
  5. Conveniently plugs into 110 volt outlet for self-contained hydraulic system.
  6. Heavy, rugged construction provides long service life under most adverse conditions.
  7. Bending posts available from .125" to 3.75" diameter for various code requirements.
  8. Quick change tooling design makes interchanging bending posts fast and convenient.
Back Strap Removal Tool
  1. Greatly reduces preparation time of weld test specimens prior to bend testing.
  2. Reduces cost by eliminating grinders, consumables, barricades, and electrical consumption.
  3. Single holding fixture accommodates complete range of test straps; face, root, side bends, and sub-size specimens.
  4. Safety deflectors discharge sparks and grinding waste into a built-in receptacle (or can be integrated into collection system).
  5. Highly functional design provides a more rapid, uniform, and quality surface prep of bend test specimens.
  6. Eliminates the unsafe, inconsistent, and often detrimental results that are experienced with the use of hand-held tools.
Weld Test Stand Assembly
    Oversized Plate Fixture & Welder Support Arm

  1. Allows for quick secure clamping and positioning of pipe or plate test assemblies.
  2. Pipe fixtures hold up to a 10″ schedule 160 pipe, and are adjustable to all test positions.
  3. Plate fixtures hold up to 1-1/2″ thick plate, and are adjustable to all test positions.
  4. Total adjust-ability up, down, left and right keeps welders comfortable in any position.
  5. Pipe and plate fixtures are sold separately and can be held securely in any bench vise.
  6. Pipe fixtures constructed with integral gas purging capability.