"Typically, when someone wants to write a review about a Company the motivation is dissatisfaction. Triangle Engineering is SO good I had to call to see where I could make public how fantastic this Company is. Two rings of the phone and it’s answered. Think about that. How many companies make you leave messages. It is a RARE occurrence to not get J.R. Coulstring a deep well of knowledge on the phone.
The legacy of a 3rd generation business, knowledge, pioneering, keeping up with current standards… no easy task. I have kicked around more completely bizarre NDE requirements or situations than I can count with Triangle. Do they just do NDE? No…they qualify, they consult, they know not just how, but why things are done, actual weld engineering. To keep stock, work in I have no idea how many standards, I’ve uses ASME, AWS, ABS (welded at their site, they have a rapport with them), Government Specs., and they can always accommodate. It’s a one stop shop with PWHT available. I’ve often found it’s cheaper in man hours and headache to just send it to them.
I have never ONCE had a form incorrect, coupon lost, coupon material not received in at least 13 years of business. Coupons in stock pre beveled with certs mailed fast? Check. Destructive testing equipment for sale? Check. Evolving with a web store? Check. They aren’t stuck in the 60’s they’re evolving, but personable enough you’re not a number. I could have wrote “Triangle Engineering is the best”, but they deserve more than that. Here’s to many more years of partnership."

Kevin Penfield
QC Manager/Lead PV Engineer
New England Mechanical Overlay Inc.


"My name is Zachary Kelly and I am the welding instructor here at San Luis High School.  The Weld Test Stand order came in and within three days all 20 stands were installed and being utilized. The stands create an ease for work to be done on, and students weld test specimens can be easily put in position and secured. Again, I really appreciate the quality craftsmanship that came along with the stands and look forward to getting the most out of your product for years to come."

Zachary Kelly
Vocational Welding Instructor San Luis High School
SkillsUSA Welding Advisor SLHS


"The Weld Test Stands work great in my shop. My students can perform all their weld certifications with ease. I have recommended your stands to other Welding Instructors. Your customer service  is great as well.   My only issue is placement of base, paying attention to pre-drilled holes to lock over arms in place.  I am so glad I convinced my Principal to buy these."

Damon T. Putman
AWS Certified Welder
Welding Instructor
Monroe Advanced Technology Academy
Academies of Loudoun
(571) 252-1980


"The welding stands are working out beautifully!  Awesome & sturdy product!"

Joshua T. Conklin
Welding Instructor/AWS ATF CWI/CWE 06080771
OSHA Outreach Trainer of 10/30 hour courses
Sussex County Technical School
973.383.6700 x559