Hydraulic Wrap Around Bender, WTB-HRA


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This machine was designed and developed by Triangle Engineering.  The primary function of this machine is to bend a welded metal specimen into a 180 degree "U" shape, thereby subjecting the weld deposit to extreme tension, commonly referred to as a bend test.  The full range of ferrous and nonferrous bend test requirements of A.S.M.E. Section IX and A.W.S can be met with the adjustability of this machine.

  • This machine performs guided bend testing of weld specimens using wrap-around method, which eliminates undue stress on specimen during bending.
  • Bending arm powered by hydraulic motor, eliminating blown circuits.
  • Heavy, rugged construction provides long service life in adverse conditions.
  • Bending posts available from .125" to 4" diameter.
  • Quick change tooling design makes interchanging bending posts fast.
  • Conveniently plugs into 110 volt outlet for self-contained hydraulic system.


Electric Motor:  1 H.P., 115V, 1PH, 60HZ, 13A, 1725 RPM
Hydraulic Pump:  1500 PSI, 1-1/2 GPM
System Pressure:  Factory set @ 1050 PSI
Hydraulic Oil:  AW32, 5gal capacity
Vise Jaw:  HT AISI S7
Die Post:  HT AISI 4140
Drive Gear:  HT AISI 4140
Size:  36" x 36" x 34"
Weight:  380 lbs. 

U.S. Patent 3906784

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