Backstrap Removal & Prep Tool, BSRT-15/10

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  • Greatly reduces preparation time of weld test specimens prior to bend testing.
  • Reduces cost by eliminating grinders, consumables, barricades, and electrical consumption.
  • Single holding fixture accommodates complete range of test straps; face, root, side bends, and sub-size specimens.
  • Safety deflectors discharge sparks and grinding waste into a built-in receptacle (or can be integrated into collection system).
  • Highly functional design provides a more rapid, uniform, and quality surface prep of bend test specimens.
  • Eliminates the unsafe, inconsistent, and often detrimental results that are experienced with the use of hand-held tools.


  • 360deg Specimen Rotation
  • Integral Air Exhaust
  • 230v, 1ph, 60hz

This is item requires 5-6 weeks to make ready to ship.

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