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Last comments I have for the new website are as follows:


  1. When viewing the website from my iPad appearance and function are different than when viewed from my desktop and iPhone.  On the iPad, the store photos are stretched upward and on the home page only the Shop, Services and Contact Us tabs work when clicked on.
  2. SKU TB04-1.5 picture is sideways and needs to be adjusted to vertical (same as other die post products).
  3. Carbon steel pipe 6” sch. 80 x 2 A106B MISSING SKU.  Should be PC0643202106B-2.
  4. SKU: PC0243604304-2  Bevel Prep: Beveled both ends 37.5deg match bored .04″ land  The B in Beveled is bold and needs to be un-bold.
  5. The combo box item (SKU’s CBPC06, CBPL38A36, ½” plate w/ backing combo A36 MISSING SKU, 1” plate w/ backing combo A36 MISSING SKU, 3/8” plate w/ backing combo SS MISSING SKU & WRONG PICTURE) description format is different than the standard plate and pipe product description format and should be updated to match the standard product description format (see below).




Bevel Prep: 

Each piece marked with heat number.
Certified mill test reports provided.

For Quantities Greater than 20 pcs: Allow 2-3 business days for processing.